Amie Hoeber’s Voting Record

There was another 6th District Congressional Debate in Hagerstown on Thursday, and one of the topics that came up was, of all things, Amie Hoeber’s voting record in Republican Primary Elections.

I had heard about this from folks who were there that Ficker charged that Hoeber had not voted in 6 out of 8 Republican primary elections, and that Hoeber indicated that she had, in fact, voted in them all. And then we got a voicemail on the Red Maryland talkback line (410-205-4875) from who else but Robin Ficker about this very subject:

It’s not the only place that Ficker has posted this information, as he was sharing it on Facebook last night as well.

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So I did what any logical person would do which was seek out Hoeber’s actual voting record.

A friend unconnected to any campaign was able to provide me with a copy of Hoeber’s voting record from the GOP Data Center.

That record indicates that since registering as a Republican in Maryland in 1999, Amie Hoeber has voted in exactly two primary elections. But it’s even worse that Ficker identified in his voicemail, posted on Facebook or identified at the debate last night. Republican primary is indicated by a red checkmark, but participation in a “other/no ballot type” primary is indicated by a gray checkmark. Hoeber’s only red check mark is in the 2008 Primary Election. That means that she has never participated in a Republican primary election for state or local offices in Maryland. Maybe it makes sense that she skipped the 2010 Republican Primary since she was donating money to Martin O’Malley’s re-election campaign. But she couldn’t even be bothered to get to the polls last year to cast a vote in our most competitive Republican gubernatorial primary in 20 years.

You can argue, if you like, about Ficker’s motivations for bringing up Hoeber’s voting history. But it’s clear that Amie Hoeber has only voted in one Republican Primary out of eight potential Republican Primaries since registering to vote in Maryland in 1999. That of course is troubling, especially combined with her support of O’Malley in 2010 and her pro-abortion and pro-rain tax stances. But even more troubling is the idea that she insisted that she voted in all of these Republican Primaries when in fact she did not. Lying about something as simple as her voting record would be troubling indeed if this is, in fact, what happened and would further place her as the Donald Trump of the 6th District, somebody too liberal for the Republican Party and trying to use their wealth to win it all while making statements that are easy to disprove. Let us hope that this is not the case, but there facts about her voting record and her lack of involvement in state Republican politics is clear for all to see.

UPDATE: 10:42 AM Here’s the video. Amie Hoeber did, in fact lie about her voting record.

UPDATE, 2/29, 3:38 PM: This piece used to contain a screen shot of the GOP Data Center record of Amie Hoeber’s voting record that somebody unconnected to any campaign provide me. Hoeber supporters appear to have lost their minds that somebody called her out on her lie and started complaining. As a favor to a friend, I have removed the screen shots. 

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