Amie Hoeber: Dan Bongino Wasn’t a Serious Candidate

Amie Hoeber went after Dan Bongino in a story in today’s Cumberland Times-News, implying that he wasn’t a “serious candidate”:

“I’m a serious opponent and he knows it. I have more resources than Dan Bongino. Delaney is very well resourced. I can draw more Independents, Democrats and women.” said Hoeber.

Of course, the idea that Amie Hoeber is somehow a serious candidate and Dan Bongino is not is, in a word, asinine.

Red Maryland of course was happy to endorse Dan Bongino twice, once in his run for U.S. Senate in 2012 and in his run for Congress in 2014. Everybody who knows Dan knows that he is a serious person, with serious ideas about serious issues. In fact, right after the 2014 General Election, I wrote this about Dan’s campaign:

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With all of the deserved attention being heaped on Larry Hogan’s big win, the success of another Red Maryland Guy also worthy of mention.

Dan Bongino wasn’t given a chance by many people to compete with John Delaney in the 6th Congressional District. Those of us who know him, however, knew that Dan was taking nothing for granted, and that there was no way that Dan was going to be outhustled by Delaney and his campaign team.

The fact that John Delaney had to put in $800,000 of his own money at the very last minute in order to get into this position, relying on absentee ballots to secure a second term, speaks volumes to how much ground Dan Bongino covered during this race.

To say that John Delaney should be afraid of Amie Hoeber because she’s a “serious candidate” and imply that Dan Bongino is not just goes to show how ignorant Amie Hoeber is of the 6th District and how ignorant she is of Maryland Republican Politics.

But there is an easily identifiable way to point out that Hoeber isn’t a serious candidate, and it’s right there in this article when she talks about why she wants to run for office:

Hoeber said she was also inspired to run during a recent conference.

“I finished a Harvard advanced leadership initiative on ‘What do you want to do to make the world better?’ I want to make the world a better place this way,” said Hoeber.

That, at 74-years old, Hoeber decided that she was going to make the world a better place by launching a political career seems to show that this campaign is driven by ego and not anything else.

Ego and ignorance seems to be the driving factor behind Amie Hoeber’s campaign. Why else would she attack somebody like Dan Bongino, who was involved in Republican politics for several years before launching a campaign, when she herself only decided to work to help the Republican Party when he decided to help herself by running for Congress? Why else would she decided that she, and she alone, was a serious candidate when she is primarily self-funding her campaign and has a Super PAC being funded primarily by her husband? Why else would she decide that she can choose not to answer a question about abortion and think that nobody would find about her history of supporting radical pro-abortion organizations? Why else would she consider herself a serious candidate when her only candidate donations were to Martin O’Malley and she supported O’Malley’s Rain Tax?

By the way, I notice that she didn’t give Dan Bongino a donation in 2014. Where was her concern for the 6th District then?

The last “serious” candidate who attacked Dan Bongino was Charles Lollar, something that we chronicled at Red Maryland back in 2013.

Amie Hoeber seems like she wants to be the Donald Trump of the 6th District: saying ignorant things why she tries to buy herself the Republican nomination. I’m willing to suspect that Republican primary voters in the 6th District will wise up to the games that she is playing and support an actual conservative candidate instead.


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