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Three Big Stats from the Gonzales Poll

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read the full Gonzales Poll, you should do so. But if you need a TL;DR version of it, there are three key stats that are takeaways:

  1. Nearly half of Democratic Voters approve of the job that Governor Larry Hogan is doing: 49% of Democrats approve, only 31% disapprove of the job performance of the governor.
  2. Over half of Democratic Voters approve of the Direction that the State is going: 52% of Democrats believe that under Governor Hogan, Maryland is moving in the right direction.
  3. Nearly half of African-Americans think the state is going in the right direction: 48% of African-American voters believe that under Governor Hogan, Maryland is moving in the right direction, with 30% saying it’s going in the wrong direction.

If you wonder why the Maryland Democratic Party is in disarray, you need look no further than these numbers. Because the Democratic Party is severely out of touch with not only the voters of Maryland, but also with its own electoral base. How in the world can the Democrats be expected to follow the will of the electorate when they’re unwilling to listen to the base within their own party, which is generally in line with the policies and proposals of Governor Larry Hogan?

This is good news for 2018 electoral politics, but we’re a long way from ensuring that the Democrats get the message and act accordingly in this year’s General Assembly session. Though one can only wonder what the Democrats base will think when they attempt to override Governor Hogan’s 2015 vetoes…


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