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RMN Wake Up Call 1-15-2016

One of the biggest issues facing the legislature the session is the issue of physician-assisted suicide. If you been following Red Maryland for years you know we’ve been covering this issue and sharing a lot of information and arguments against this terrible practice.
While this bill failed last year it is sure to come back and this year the supporters have the full support of Maryland’s Libertarian party. The Libertarian party has insisted that the right to life has a corollary of the right to kill oneself, a concept referred to as autonomy. In fact, a local radio show host recently criticized Red Maryland, calling us statist, because we didn’t support state sanctioned physician-assisted suicide.
If you take the logic of autonomy to its fullest, what it means is, in the words of commentator Wesley J Smith, “we should get rid of all suicide prevention and get everybody assistance” to kill themselves whether they have six months to live or 60 years.
The fact is the concept of “autonomy” is a perversion of the right to life and is an undermining of the sanctity of life itself and it is truly that logic that’s underlying what is being purported to be a very modest proposal in our state legislature.

For all of you who feel as we do, read Red Maryland and get the facts because we have them here at so please continue to check our site as we continue to cover this critical issue and help us oppose this terrible idea.

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