RMN Wake Up Call 1-13-16

Last week Gov. Hogan announced that he’ll be introducing a tax-cut package as part of the coming budget proposal in this year’s General Assembly session. The proposal would cut taxes and fees by $400 million and will benefit an estimated 1 million Maryland citizens and over 300,000 small businesses over the next five years.

The Marylanders who will benefit the most from the Governor’s tax proposal are those struggling most families, retirees and small business owners. Maryland Democrats are already complaining that we can’t afford to cut taxes, this from the same folks who raised them over 40 times under the eight years of the O’Malley administration.

Once again Governor Hogan has shown that his very modest tax cut proposal is doable even with a balanced budget, even with record education spending and even while shoring up our state’s rainy day fund.

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The fact is this Governor is proposing modest tax relief that goes just a short way to rolling back the tax increases we’ve received from Democrats. But even this is going to meet harsh resistance in the coming General Assembly session.

That’s why it’s critical that those of us who support the Governor’s efforts let our legislators know that we want our money back.

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