RMN Wake Up Call 1-11-2016

Last week Gov. Hogan previewed his budget proposal for the coming legislative session. Among these proposals were the following:
Full funding of 100 percent of education spending increases – based on the formulas set by the legislature
• Full funding of the Geographic Cost of Education Index (GCEI)
• $6.3 billion for K-12 education, an increase of $140 million
• $314 million for new school construction projects

Despite what you hear in the media and from Democrats, this Governor has done more than any other governor in the history of our state to fully fund K-12 education and will continue to do so.

Keep in mind he has managed to find a way to do this while controlling the over our rate of state spending, shore up our state’s rainy day fund and even proposing tax cuts hundreds of millions of dollars in tax cuts.

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This is precisely the kind of fiscal responsibility our state has long needed and also proves what Maryland Democrats long denied, that you can fund education and cut taxes not raise them.

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