Red Maryland “Wake Up Call” 1/18/2016

It is Red Maryland’s call to action: The Red Maryland Wake Up Call

On Wednesday, the legislature will vote to override three bills vetoed by Governor Larry Hogan. All three of these bills have bipartisan opposition to their being overturned by the legislature. If codified in law, these bills will make it easier for drug dealers to keep their money when they arrested; make it legal to smoke marijuana while operating a motor vehicle and to the smoke marijuana in public; and allow felons who been convicted and are still serving their sentences to vote.

All three of these bills were rightly vetoed by the Governor. Instead of passing common sense legislation and going back to the drawing board on some of these bills, the General Assembly leaders have decided to make a statement against the governor and allowing partisan interest to overcome good public policy.

That is why we urge all of our readers to contact their legislators and tell them to vote against an override of the Governor’s vetoes.

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