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Red Maryland News Hour: January 29, 2016

It’s the Red Maryland News Hour for this week, bringing you the best in State politics this week.

On this week’s show:

  • Another excuse for no school air conditioning is removed by the Board of Public Works. Comptroller gives former Red Marylander Mark Newgent kudos, applause ensues.
  • The Board also give kudos to those who dealt with the Blizzard of 2016.
  • Governors won’t be able to abscond with bargain-priced furniture if a Delegate gets his way.
  • Governor Hogan dealt with the snow, but also proposed bills to curb heroin abuse with the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program & prosecuting drug trafficking.
  • The Governor also wants a Constitutional Amendment so an independent, bipartisan group can draw legislative lines. A leading Democrat doesn’t like the idea, and a RedMarylander has questions for that leader.
  • High School students who graduate early could get a scholarship worth 6 grand, thanks to an executive order the Governor signed.
  • A Maryland company will expand and hire more people, thanks to loans from the State and a county.
  • Greg Kline writes for again, this time about physician assisted suicide, right as a bill comes up advocating the practice as an “option”.
  • A Maryland county school system gets a civil rights suit for indoctrinating a student in Islam.
  • We hear about bills dealing with self-driving cars, attorney fees, and making personal protection a reason to get a gun permit.
  • We hear a bit about what is happening in the week ahead as well.

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