Red Maryland Network “Wake Up Call” 1-8-16


As the Maryland General Assembly convenes, it’s important to remember that our state faces many critical issues. From reining in state spending, shoring up our pension liabilities and rainy day fund to providing for the excellent transportation system, crime that is out of control city of Baltimore and elsewhere, a rampant heroine problem, the need to reduce regulations and improve job growth, there are so many problems that need to be solved.
So why then do some of our legislators waste time on completely irrelevant issues? I will give you good example. Recently a state senator from Anne Arundel County, a Republican at that, introduced a bill to change our state’s motto. Now our state’s motto comes from the old Calvert family crest and is an old Latin phrase that’s arguably politically incorrect but why in the world should we be discussing it and expending any legislative time or resources on it when so many more serious problems confront our citizens?
It is this kind of small thinking and shortsightedness that keeps real problems from being solved. Our legislators don’t have enough time to fix the problems we have in Maryland, to stop the bad legislation and roll back the bad things that happened over just the eight years of the O’Malley administration, to waste time on irrelevant and silly nonsense.
It is time to wake up folks!

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