Red Maryland Has the 2016 General Assembly Session Covered

The Maryland General Assembly session starts on Wednesday, and nobody will bring you coverage like Red Maryland does.

In addition to your usual news and commentary from Maryland’s Most Trusted Conservative Voice, we’ll be offering several General Assembly related features this year:


As always, Red Maryland News Director Duane Keenan will bring you the best in Maryland Politics from Annapolis and beyond every week on the Red Maryland News Hour. Nobody brings you the coverage of what’s really happening in Annapolis like Duane Keenan, and there is no program on the radio that brings it to you like the Red Maryland News Hour.

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Matthew Newman’s Waste of the Week feature also returns this year. On Friday’s, he’ll tell you about a piece of legislation that’s been introduced in the General Assembly by a legislator who wants to waste your hard earned tax dollars on an unnecessary and often silly project.

New for 2016, Jeffrey Peters will be bringing you additional coverage with two weekly features. On Tuesday, he’ll be writing about the happenings with the House and Senate Republican Caucuses. On Friday, he’ll recap the week with a summary of the happenings of the General Assembly and a status check on important legislation.

We’re excited to be expanding our General Assembly coverage this year, with a variety of perspectives, a variety of coverage, and a focus on what really matters during the 2016 General Assembly session. Nobody can bring you the coverage that Red Maryland does; in fact, we’ll have more people covering the General Assembly this year than quite a few “mainstream” media outlets.

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