New Amie Hoeber Abortion Position Surfaces

In the wake of the ongoing issues regarding Amie Hoeber’s pro-abortion answers from Thursday’s Congressional Debate, a new Hoeber position on abortion has surfaced.

A source shared a message composed by Amie Hoeber about her position on abortion when asked her personal views on the matter:

“I am especially sensitive to this matter because I am a mother and a grandmother and my children and grandchildren are the lights of my life. But my personal views are not relevant. I’m for keeping the Federal Government out of our lives. I can’t say it any plainer than that. I understand the range of positions held by the people of CD-6 and I respect the right of every individual to have their own personal belief. What I would fight for as your Congresswoman is the overarching theme of my campaign, which is to get the Federal Government out of our lives to the maximum extent possible. Like my former boss, President Reagan, I stand by my principles. One of these is that I don’t need the federal government to interfere in my deciding what is right for my family and me, and I feel that this should be true for everyone.”

If you want to know why the duck and dodge on this answer is so important, let me refer you to what Jeff Quinton wrote about the pro-life issues prior to the 2014 General Election:

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As Saint John Paul II noted, the right to life is “the first right, on which all the others are based, and which cannot be recuperated once it is lost.”

In the document A Brief Catechism for Catholic Voters, Fr. Stephen F. Torraco, PhD wrote that voting for a pro-abortion candidate is a mortal sin. Fr. Torraco also wrote that voting for a candidate who cites personal opposition to abortion while still voting for it would make the voter “an accomplice in advancing the moral evil of abortion.”

When none of the candidates for a particular office are completely pro-life, it’s necessary to choose the candidate that will do the most to promote a culture of life….

….When pro-life Catholics vote based on the principles of their faith, they help elect government officials who will respect their wishes and start the ball rolling on incremental change that will ultimately lead to big changes.

Viewed through that prism, becomes very obvious that Hoeber is not pro-life. There is nobody in the pro-life movement who would consider something so barbaric and immoral to be “settled law.” The bottom line, in this regard, is that Hoeber supports existing the existing pro-abortion laws on our books and would not lift a finger to protect the most vulnerable people in our society; unborn children.


The controversy and coverage surrounding Hoeber’s position on abortion continues to have legs as Hoeber and her campaign staff continue to do damage control based on their candidate’s non-answer of a simple yes or not question from Thursday night’s debate. I’m guessing that Hoeber’s staff (and maybe even Hoeber herself) wishes that she had given a straight answer to a straightforward question so they would not have been playing defense for an entire weekend.

Support for abortion is a zero-sum game. You’re either pro-aborton, willing to let abortion laws be because it’s “settled law”, or you’re pro-life and working to overturn Roe v. Wade. We know where Amie Hoeber stands.

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