Federal Candidates Respond to Hyde Amendment

This morning, I challenged all of the candidates running for Federal office in Maryland to clarify their position on the Hyde Amendment. So far, these are the responses that we have received.

This post will be updated as responses are received.

U.S. Senate

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1st Congressional District

Former Delegate Mike Smigiel’s full statement is available on his website, however regarding the Amendment: 

With specific respect to the Hyde Amendment, I am in favor of laws and regulations that reduce abortion and am firmly against the spending of taxpayer money to kill unborn children. The Hyde Amendment in its current form can still be improved. First, it must be made permanent.

2nd Congressional District

Yuripzy Morgan responded via email:

Federal overreach is spreading from every pocket in America to even the hearts and minds of Americans. Abortion is a devastatingly dividing issue, and Americans have the Constitutional and humanitarian right to oppose it. As a congresswoman, I will support the Hyde Amendment.

3rd Congressional District

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4th Congressional District

David Therrien responded via email:

Response: With regard to aborting a pregnancy, it is ultimately the woman’s right to make decisions that relate to her own body. The State has the obligation to champion the rights of children. The question has been at what point in the pregnancy does the unborn become a child? Until there is an overall consensus in answering that question, no legislation can be enacted that will be favorable to the majority of constituents as either totally Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion. My personal convictions are irrelevant when representing my Maryland District 4 constituents on the Hill. My responsibility is to cast my vote in accordance with the desires of the Maryland District 4 voters. As their Representative and after talking to many of my constituents, they are neither all Pro-Life nor Pro-Abortion. They believe there are a number of circumstances under which they would support abortion procedures.

Monetarily, I take a fiscally responsible position in response to budgetary matters and believe my constituents do not want to categorically give a blank check in spending their tax dollars on paying for any and all abortions. Congress has been given a blank check in the past and we are now approaching a nineteen (19) trillion dollar national debt as a result of it. Maryland District 4 voters believe that there are specific circumstances in which they would be willing to spend their tax dollars to help pay for abortions and that the Hyde Amendment is one of those pieces of legislation that identify those specific circumstances. To repeal the Hyde Amendment altogether as Hillary Clinton would have us do would be a mistake and would eliminate a piece of legislation that is a tool to be used to limit and control spending on abortion matters. Maryland District 4 voters might want to modify the Hyde Amendment but that is another matter which requires discussion and research before I could answer.

In summary, I believe my constituents in Maryland District 4 do not want to repeal the Hyde Amendment or hand Congress anymore blank checks. They are supportive of providing funding of abortions to some level and they want their Representative to be fiscally responsible by working toward endorsing or modifying the Hyde Amendment so that it reflects their views and desires on the subject.

5th Congressional District

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6th Congressional District

I support the Hyde Amendment* and reject Hillary Clinton’s call for its repeal after she was endorsed by Planned…

Posted by Frank Howard on Friday, January 22, 2016

The Terry Baker campaign responded via email:

President of the Washington County Board of County Commissioners Terry Baker, GOP candidate for the CD-6 race opposes the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, and any efforts to continue to spend federal tax dollars on planned parenthood’s war on human life. Terry supports woman’s health needs and feels that there are many clinics out there which don’t perform abortions, that are far more deserving of our financial aide.
Terry is a solid and unashamed pro-life candidate. We are willing to answer any and all question you may have regarding this topic, and would be thrilled for you to share his views with the world.

Thank you very much. Please let me know directly if you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Robin Ficker left us a voicemail:

Chris Mason responded by email:

I believe abortion is murder and those conducting abortions should be fined. All unplanned parenthood facilities should be shutdown and taxpayer money should be cutoff to planned parenthood in the meantime.

7th Congressional District

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8th Congressional District

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