Et tu Delegate West

If you have read this blog or listened to the shows on the Red Maryland Network, you know that one of the most important issues we have been following is the renewed attempt to legalize physician assisted suicide.  We wrote last year about its flaws and we have covered it repeatedly on air.  Just last week, I wrote a piece pointing out the fundamental dishonesty of this movement.

Our avid listeners also know that we have warned Republican legislators that they should not support this legislation and that we would be sure to point them out if they did.  The Republican caucuses in both the House of Delegates and State Senate are stongly in opposition to this legislation and are leading the fight against it.

Unfortunately, it seems one of their colleagues is betraying these efforts.

While we were worried after this report in the Washington Post, last week Republican Delgate Chris West (R-42B) announced his support for what many of his Republican colleagues call the “Kill Granny Bill.” In fact, it appears that Delegate West has signed on as a co-sponsor to this abominable legislation.

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Delegate West claims that his support is consistent with his more “libertarian views”. However, we have debunked many of the claims of Maryland libertarians on this issue.

Does Delegate West embrace the concept of personal autonomy and the right to assisted suicide?

If so, does he seek to find an end to all suicide prevention and would he support the kind of broad euthansia laws we see in Belgium in the Netheralands that provide for physician assisted suicide for healty people, including children?

If not, why does Delgate West seek to roll back our state’s laws to protect life for those diagnosed with only six months to live? Are the lives of terminally ill patients less valuable than those who are expected to live for seven months, six years or sixty years? Does he accept the cold rationale of the bill’s sponsor Delegate Shane Pendergrass (D-Howard) that those facing such a terminal illness are as good as dead and suicide, rather than real compassion, is a legitimate response to their situation?

Will Delegate West argue the issue honestly and avoid the chicanery of this movement to deny that what is being advocated is, in fact, physician assisted suicide? Will he address the issue related to the “sucide contagion” in places where this has already been legalized? Will he maintain the law’s efforts to hide the true cause of death for those who overdose on drugs prescribed by a doctor?

Will Delegate West address how the practice of medicine must be inevitably twisted by legalizing a doctor’s participation in killing his patient?

We urge Delegate West to address these issues and we invite him to join us at Red Maryland for an honest and frank discussion. We sincerely hope and pray that Delegate West will have a change of heart about this issue.

Failing that, rest assured that we at Red Maryland will make good on our promises to not only criticize but target for future electoral defeat any Republican who supports this measure.  This issue is just that important to us.

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