Do our Congressional Candidates support the Hyde Amendment?

One of the topics that Hillary Clinton has brought up during her Presidential campaign is calling for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment. The Amendment is a rider that is passed annually by Congress that limits the ways the federal dollars can be spent on abortion. It’s one of the few ways that us in the pro-life movement have been able to stem the tide of the pro-abortion crowd down in Washington.

The Susan B. Anthony List, a pro-life organization based out of D.C., has been promoting a petition to Republican candidates:

To Republican Candidates and Elected Officials:

It is unconscionable that anyone’s tax money should be used to pay for the killing of unborn children. Don’t let the Pro-Abortion Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, spend my tax money on Planned Parenthood or on abortion on-demand up to nine months. Please speak out about this issue today!

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It’s actually a very fair question to ask of candidates. It’s actually not even a particularly controversial question to ask if our Republican candidates support the Hyde Amendment and for continuing the prohibition on spending federal dollars on most abortions.

We at Red Maryland of course are pro-life and are very interested in fighting for the lives of all people, born and unborn. That’s why this questions is a very good one to ask of our Republican candidates. It’s especially relevant today, on the anniversary of the grotesque Roe v. Wade decision, to ask if the candidates that are seeking to represent a party that, by its platform, is a pro-life party supports taking relevant and proactive steps to protect the unborn.

So we at Red Maryland have an open question to all of our Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives: Do you support the continuation of the Hyde Amendment?

We’ll ask all of the campaigns individually and will reprint any answers that we might receive.


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