*BREAKING* Palin Endorses Trump

The 2008 vice presidential hopeful, Governor of Alaska, and self-avowed hockey mom, has made the trip to Iowa and will announce her endorsement of Republican hopeful Donald Trump.

The stage is set for a “yuge” rally this evening (around 6:00 pm Eastern time) and is a substantial endorsement for the candidate who has primarily been weak in picking up endorsements.

Former Governor Palin brings with her some baggage. For instance, her popularity has been on the decline since the 2008 presidential election, not only among the general population, but among Republicans as well. Moreover, the support for the Tea Party itself has been on the decline in recent years. Finally, Governor Palin is generally seen as slightly bombastic, lacking in policy insight and polarizing.

A perfect match.

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This endorsement, however, is a big win for Donald Trump, and is even a bigger deal because the announcement comes with just under two weeks before the Iowa Caucuses. Also, Sarah Palin still rallies the Tea Party supporters as well as those who are likely to classify themselves as “strongly conservative.” The same type of people who are likely to caucus and vote in primaries.

Let’s not forget, it was Senator Ted Cruz who said, “I would not be in the US Senate today, if it were not for Sarah Palin.

The net-net of today’s announcement? Look for Palin’s endorsement to pull people from Cruz and Carson. It won’t be substantial (perhaps for Carson it may, as we have watched people abandoning what they perceive to be a sinking ship in recent weeks), but Trump is able to use this announcement to battle back against attacks from Mark Levin, Ted Cruz and others that he is not a genuine conservative.

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