Amie Hoeber: Pro-Abortion Since at Least 1979

More information has been found regarding 6th District Congressional candidate Amie Hoeber’s pro-abortion stance.

Hoeber was a donor to another militantly pro-abortion organization. Hoeber donated $200 in 1979 to an organization called the Women’s Campaign Fund. The Fund at the time was described as “a bipartisan organization, the WCF funds only pro-choice women candidates.”

The Encyclopedia of Women and American Politics, also available through Google Books, describes the Women’s Campaign Fund this way:


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The WCF still exists today. Their mission statement today has nothing to do with abortion, instead speaking about “common ground” solutions:

Common Ground is WCF’s overarching principle. When it comes to fighting political gridlock, the single biggest change we can make isn’t red or blue, Republican or Democrat. It’s electing more women who create Common Ground to solve the nation’s complex problems. Further, Common Ground reflects the way women elected officials work best, which also means elected office will be more appealing to women.

Though the WCF talks about non-partisanship, the candidates they support to this day are exclusively pro-abortion Democrats, and their Facebook page lists their mission statement as: WCF is dedicated to advancing the political participation and leadership of women who support reproductive health choices for all.

Scholars also linked the Women’s Campaign Fund as a “Progressive Women’s PAC” alongside the National Women’s Political Caucus, of which Hoeber was an officer (still listed on her website) and the genesis of my inquiry into her position on abortion.

While one can hardly hold Hoeber to blame for what the Women’s Campaign Fund today, Hoeber still has to answer for her support of the Women’s Campaign Fund in 1979. At the time, the Women’s Campaign Fund existed solely as a vehicle to support female candidates for office in either party who were pro-abortion. That Hoeber gave $200 to a radical pro-abortion group in 1979 (the equivalent of $652.94 in today’s dollars) proves that Amie Hoeber has consistently been pro-abortion for at least 36 years and that her refusal to answer the question at the January 7th 6th District attempt was a deliberate attempt to conceal her position from Republican primary voters.

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