Add Another Person Under Investigation to Dem Presidential Field


Last night Senator Marco Rubio scored some points with the Republican base when he said, “Nobody up here is a Socialist. Nobody up here is under investigation by the FBI…. we have a good group of people up here [on this stage].”

Now the Democrats have been successful in ensuring that 100% of their presidential candidates is either a Socialist, or under investigation.

Democratic presidential hopeful, and former Maryland governor, Martin O’Malley is now being investigated by Anne Arundel County state’s attorney Wes Adams for the purchase of furniture classified as “junk” furniture. O’Malley paid just $9,638 for 54 pieces of furniture that adorned the governor’s mansion. Those same pieces had previously cost the Maryland taxpayers $62,000. O’Malley administration officials who authorized the sale had classified the items as “junk.”

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The Department of General Services is required to solicit bids for the sale of any item, and is also supposed to charge a sales tax. Neither was done during the sale to the O’Malleys.

Bear in mind, this is still an ongoing investigation so all parties are presumed innocent. But Rubio did well to point out that when it comes to the Republican field for president, every person on that stage last night is better than an avowed Socialist, a person under federal investigation, and now another person under investigation in the state of Maryland.

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