Rich Madaleno: Lying About the Governor’s Record Again

When he’s not busy attacking the First Family, it’s a safe bet to say that any time that State Senator Rich Madaleno is talking about a Governor Hogan policy that he’s not telling the truth.

Today Madaleno took to Twitter to attack Governor Hogan about the $4 million in aid that the Governor has dispatched to Carroll County schools to forestall school closings. Our Jeffrey Peters has written about the fiasco going on up there back in October.


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Of course as always, Madaleno was expressing an opinion that was not backed up by real facts.

As Page 26 of the State Budget notes, Montgomery County received a 0.9% increase in education funding in 2016. Prince George’s County received a 2.9% increase.


Madaleno is correct in that Baltimore City school funding did decrease in FY 2016. However that had nothing to do with Governor Hogan and everything to do with the incompetence of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and the Democrats on the Baltimore City Council, as this February story by the Baltimore Sun’s Luke Broadwater so clearly illustrates:

With development booming in Baltimore, the city’s property wealth grew by more than $1.3 billion last year — by far the fastest rate in Maryland.

But those gains have come with a cost: deep cuts in state aid to city schools.

The proposed state budget for next year cuts aid to Baltimore public education by $35 million, in part due to a funding formula that now assumes the city is rich enough to pay more toward its schools. The cuts have left city officials crying foul and schools CEO Gregory E. Thornton warning that he could have to lay off 393 teachers.

“The city’s growth outpaced the rest of the state significantly,” says Baltimore budget director Andrew Kleine. “Our growth strategies are working. Our property values are rising. That’s all good news. Yet we’re penalized under this formula. Even the fanciest formulas miss a lot of important facts.”

One of those important facts: Some of Baltimore’s most valuable buildings pay little or no property taxes to help close the gap.

Arguing that economic development needs the boost of public assistance, city officials have approved a wide range of tax breaks for projects built on vacant or under-utilized land. But the resulting cuts to Baltimore schools in next year’s budget has renewed debate over whether city subsidies have been too generous — and whether the same practices should continue for future deals.

So because Baltimore Democrats have been all too eager to engage in crony capitalism and because funding formulas established by State Democrats are based on property taxes, Baltimore City saw a 3.9% reduction in state school aid.

Madaleno needs to show his work as to how Governor Hogan is implicated in that at all.

Even Madaleno’s premise that Governor Hogan is steering education money toward jurisdictions that “voted for him” is fatally flawed when you consider that in the FY2016 budget seven jurisdictions that voted for the Governor saw funding reductions. Again, all based on funding formulas that were passed by legislative Democrats and signed by Democratic Governors long before Governor Hogan was in office.

I understand what Madaleno is doing. He merely takes orders from his Union overlords in attacking Governor Hogan on education issues. But his falgrant dishonesty should be embarrassing to himself, embarrassing to the Democrats, and embarrassing to anybody who wants to have an honest conversation about school funding in Maryland,

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