Red Maryland News Hour: December 4, 2015

It’s the Red Maryland News Hour for this week, bringing you the best in State politics this week.

On this week’s show:

  • We hear from Governor Larry Hogan as he reacts to the news that Maryland GOP Chair Diana Waterman has cancer.
  • We also hear from him and the other members of the Board of Public Works as we attend their meeting- where the Regulation Reform Commission’s work was discussed, as well as Government operating with a focus on customer service, a school system that actually was able to get air conditioning in their classrooms, Election System concerns, and maintaining the statehouse grounds.
  • We go to the Port of Baltimore where we talk to it’s namesake, former Congresswoman Helen Bentley, and others, as an important agreement is signed that will preserve Maryland jobs for 3 decades. We hear from Governor Hogan there as well.
  • Our news update includes the first trail regarding the death of prisoner Freddie Gray, possible controversies regarding appointees to a school board and an ethics commission, money to keep some Carroll county schools open, and an opening in the state senate.

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