Maryland Democratic Party Calls for an End to Due Process

The Maryland Democratic Party’s petulant attempts to attack Governor Larry Hogan led to their release of a doozy of a press release today urging that certain individuals be stripped of their right to due process:

For Immediate Release:
December 11, 2015

For More Information:
Pat Murray


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Annapolis, MD – Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced yesterday that he will sign an executive order blocking anyone on the federal terrorism watch list from obtaining a gun permit. Maryland Democratic Party Executive Director Pat Murray issued this statement:

“It’s a bad idea to sell guns to people who law enforcement officials suspect of being involved in terrorist activity. Governor Hogan should take the common sense step of prohibiting the sale or transfer of a firearm to anyone on the FBI Terrorist Watchlist. This is a clear test of whether Governor Hogan is the pragmatic moderate he claims to be, or just another Republican politician in the pocket of the National Rifle Association.”

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It’s of course always amusing to see the Democrats come out in support of using the no-fly list to restrict gun ownership when they whined so much about the no-fly list when President George W. Bush instituted it.

Of course, if Patrick Murray had stopped his rectal self-exam long enough to read the Baltimore Sun, he’d already have known that the State of Maryland already includes the no-fly list as a part of its background check process:

Hogan dismissed Van Hollen’s letter as “politics” and “silly.”

“It’s not an issue in Maryland,” he said. “No one on any watch list has ever received a gun.”

Maryland already performs comprehensive gun background checks that flag applicants on the federal no-fly list, Hogan spokesman Doug Mayer said. The Maryland State Police, who execute those checks, then contact the FBI to discuss the reasons someone is on the list.

To date, Mayer said, no one on the list has been approved to buy a firearm.

Using the No-Fly list as a component of a background check makes sense. The key statement there, however, is that the Maryland State Police works with the FBI to try to determine why somebody might be on the list. It is a tool, but it is not the be all and end all the Democrats want it to be.

Of course, often times people wind up on the no-fly list and have no idea why. The fact that the Maryland Democratic Party thinks that constitutional rights should be subjects to the whims of the government bureaucracy are chilling and, in fact, patently un-American. After all, why does the Maryland Democratic Party think that individuals such as the late Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator Ted Stevens, Congressman John Lewis, Congressman Don Young, or the 53 anti-war activists that Martin O’Malley put on the terror watch list should have their constitutional rights restricted?

The Maryland Democratic Party’s attempts to shadow govern by press release are cute, however they are not indicative of real solutions and instead show that the Maryland Democratic Party does not understand how gun laws in Maryland work nor do they respect the civil liberties of Maryland’s citizens.

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