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food police

Conservative Refuge Radio “Best of the Fat Files”

Merry Christmas from all of us at Conservative Refuge Radio!

This a special best of installment of CRR featuring the Fat Files.

  • From 6-9-2014 I share this article from Reason talking about the failures of food policy
  • From 3-23-2015 a Baltimore Sun article validating everything we have been saying on the “Fat Files”segements for years
  • From 7-10-2015 Reaction to the silliness invoving the Howard County vending machine ban
  • From 8-3-2015 The hysteria to #BanBacon
  • From 11-30-2015 Santa Claus is called a “Public Health Pariah” in a leading British medical journal.

So, have another piece of pumpkin pie and enjoy this Best of Conservative Refuge Radio all yuletide long.

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