The Attempted Resurrection of John Leopold

Disgraced former Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold is trying to resurrect his political career in the strangest way possible.

Leopold has taken to writing a column in the Voice Newspapers in Anne Arundel County. His column is a bizarre Q & A session with a “mystery guest” that the reader of the paper is supposed to decipher from the content he includes. The result isn’t published until the very end of the column in the next month’s paper.

The strange thing about the column is depicted in the picture above. It is literally a paid advertisement from the John Leopold Campaign committee. The Voice newspapers (who seem to print almost anything that’s sent to them) run this as a paid advertisement from Leopold.

It’s not the only paper that Leopold has gotten himself into recently. Leopold and his supporters have engaged in a letter writing feud with State Senator Bryan Simonaire and his supporters. It’s been an odd scene where Simonaire (allegedly) misstated Leopold’s position on the school boardLeopold then responded to  Simonaire’s piece, Simonaire responded to Leopold’s response, Leopold supporters attacked Simonaire for ethics violations on more than one occasion, and then  Simonaire supporters attacked Leopold for his legal issues,

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Some people (myself included) see this as Leopold’s first salvo in his comeback attempt, a preview of a potential Simonaire vs. Leopold primary for State Senate in District 31 in 2018.

Whatever John Leopold decides to do, people are not going to forgot the actions that got him into the position he is currently in. And while he refuses to take the hint and go away, there are many people in District 31 who will not forgive him for his corruption and his disgraceful behavior that led him to wind up behind bars. If he chooses to challenge Simonaire in the primary (who will have his own issues to contend with) we could wind up seeing one of the most brutal and hard-fought 2018 Republican primaries in the state.

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