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2015 in Review: 30 Most Read Stories

If you want to know what Red Marylander readers read most in 2015, here it is: the stories in Maryland Republican and conservative politics that got the highest readership:

  1. Lessons from the Carroll County Public Schools Fiasco: A little about what’s going on in Carroll County.
  2. That’s Not How Any Of This Works: A discussion of Frederick County Councilman Kirby Delauter’s snafu.
  3. The Vile Writings of Barry Rascovar: Leftist reporter shows his true, hateful colors.
  4. PG County residents bear about highest tax burden in region: But you probably knew this.
  5. Democratic Hypocrisy on Transportation Spending, In One Chart: Remember when Maryland Democrats vehemently opposed lower taxes on middle and working class families?
  6. Naivete, Ignorance, and Political Malpractice: Democrats and Union activists don’t know or don’t care about facts and history.
  7. Hogan Budget Critics: Where Were You During The Last Eight Years?: Democratic Critics of Governor Hogan’s budget were awfully quiet during the O’Malley Years.
  8. A Different Maryland GOP Rising Stars List: A Rebuttal to a list created by a Democrat.
  9. The Barbara Mikulski I Know: While everybody fetes her, what is she really like?
  10. While Liberalism Slept: How Larry Hogan And the MDGOP Are Spreading the Right Message–And Winning: FYI: We’re all Changing Maryland, for the Better.
  11. Carroll County GOP Central Committee Surprises in Selection of Robin Bartlett Frazier to Fill District 5 Senate Seat: A surprise choice who was not the final choice.
  12. Don’t Know Much About (Maryland) History?: A Maryland Day primer.
  13. The Baltimore Jail Hearing: A Political Gimmick: The Democrats decided to hold a hearing about Governor Hogan’s decision to do the right thing.
  14. Hogan Is Rising–And Lifting Baltimore, Too: The Governor is doing great things for Baltimore.
  15. Indicted Former PG County Housing Deputy Director Linked to Two County Executives: Who’d have guessed that there would be extensive corruption in Prince George’s County?
  16. Failure in Montgomery County’s Schools: Montgomery County doesn’t get what they pay for.
  17. Where Rawlings-Blake Politicizes, Hogan Leads: Leadership in Baltimore is coming from Annapolis.
  18. Little Dictators: Concerns about the Young Republicans.
  19. PG County Executive Rushern Baker Wants to Increase Property Taxes by 15%: It’s an unusual way to run for Governor.
  20. Frederick County: The Bickering Heats Up: Let’s hope everybody gets along next year.
  21. David Craig for State School Superintendent: Still the best choice for our Public Schools.
  22. Stop Pretending Ben Carson is a Conservative: He’s not.
  23. Maryland Democrats Lack Credibility on Education Funding: Maryland Democrats have no credibility on fiscal issues.
  24. The Democrats 50 Year War on Baltimore: No Republicans have won an election in Baltimore City since 1963 and it shows.
  25. Not Everyone Wants Unity I Guess: There was a lot of drama in the process to replace Delegate Kelly Schulz.
  26. You’ll Never Believe what the Maryland Democratic Party Smells Like: And they still do.
  27. Delegate Deb Rey for President? One of our favorite stories of all time.
  28. Maryland Democratic Party Calls for an End to Due Process: The Democrats are not big fans of rights.
  29. Don Quinn Quits AA Central Committee; Will Bolt to Dems: We told you so.
  30. How Montgomery County Rolls on Transportation Issues: Democrats are always looking for big money government projects.

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