2015 In Review: 20 Highest Rated Shows

Take a listen to our 20 highest rated, most-listened to Red Maryland Network Programs from 2015:

  1. Red Maryland Radio # 227: August 13, 2015 Interview with Baltimore City Council Candidates Matt McDaniel and George Johnson, plus Poll Results
  2. Conservative Refuge Radio 5/4/2015 Freddie Gray coverage
  3. Red Maryland Radio #211- 4/16/2015 General Assembly Review, Spring GOP Convention Preview
  4. Red Maryland Radio #222: 7/9/2015 Richard Douglas interview and July Poll Results
  5. Red Maryland Radio #244: December 10, 2015 Poll Results and Red Maryland Awards
  6. Best of Conservative Refuge Radio: People Judge You by the Words You Use #1
  7. The Conservative Refuge: 4/28/2015 Coverage of the Baltimore Riots
  8. Conservative Refuge Radio: 6/29/2015 Red Line, Rising Stars Coverage
  9. The Air Raid with Brian Griffiths Freddie Grey riots and the White House Correspondent’s Dinner
  10. Red Maryland Radio #214: May 7, 2015 Poll Results, Steve Schuh’s Bike Lanes, and More
  11. Red Maryland Network Presents #4 5th Anniversary Show
  12. Red Maryland Radio #213: 4/30/2015 The Baltimore Riots
  13. The Air Raid with Brian Griffiths The Major League Baseball All Star Game
  14. RedMaryland NewsHour for 7/10/15 Ron George Press Conference
  15. RedMaryland NewsHour for 7/3/15 Change Maryland event, Toll Rollback, and Donald Trump’s speech to the Maryland Republican Party
  16. The Air Raid with Brian Griffiths The Parable of the Mustard Seed and the significance of life
  17. Red Maryland Radio #218: June 10, 2015 June Poll Results, Young Republicans
  18. RedMaryland NewsHour: Baltimore Edition for 5/2/15 Baltimore Riots
  19. RedMaryland NewsHour for 5/8/15 Baltimore Riots Aftermath
  20. Red Maryland Radio #220: 6/25/2015 Michael Esteve interview, transportation, and a defense of LARPing

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