You’ll Never Believe what the Maryland Democratic Party Smells Like

Liberals in this state are getting awfully desperate.

Today, the Maryland Democratic Party decided to attack Governor Larry Hogan for attending the Republican Governor’s Association meeting in Las Vegas:

Larry Hogan is blowing off today’s Board of Public Works meeting to pal around with Republican insiders, corporate…

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Posted by Maryland Democratic Party on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I’d probably have less beef with the Democrats criticism if it weren’t so galactically hypocritical.

Murray seems to have forgotten, at some point, about Governor Hogan’s predecessor in office. Because if he did, he would remember that Governor Martin O’Malley spent tons of time away from the state of Maryland on various and sundry side political projects. Chief among them, O’Malley spent two years as Chairman of the Democratic Governor’s Association, pinballing around the country raising money, campaigning for Democratic candidates, and focusing on his current gig, running for President. He missed work for that, including, you know, missing Board of Public Works meetings to tottle off to Los Angeles.

Even CNN noted that while Governor, O’Malley was off campaigning in as far flung places as Iowa, Massachusetts, Kansas, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Nevada, and California while he was Governor.

Or who could forget the time that Governor O’Malley conveniently decided he had to go on a trade mission to Ireland so he could extend his time and get a free vacation at taxpayer expense.

And of course Murray conveniently forgets all of the other junkets that Democrats seem to take, at taxpayer expense. The most notorious junket of course was the wedding of Lisa Harris Jones and Sean Malone in (where else) Las Vegas that was officiated by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings- Blake and attended by such Democratic luminaries as Senate President Mike Miller, then Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, State Senator Catherine Pugh, State Senator Joan Carter Conway, and others. All in all, Rawlings-Blake, ten other Baltimore City officials, and numerous other Democrats were out in Vegas at taxpayer expense and managed to work in a wedding of two high-dollar, high-powered Democratic lobbyists whose clients had business before the state and the city. And Jones, of course, is tied into the Maryland Democratic Party propaganda wing, Center Maryland.

And that doesn’t even taken into account the Stripper Party. The photo at the top of this story is of former Lt. Governor Anthony Brown with a stripper in the background. There on “official business” as The Daily Caller recounts at an event that Brown’s campaign manager noted that “all the elected officials” from Maryland were in attendance.”

Needless to say, Maryland’s Democrats have a much longer and much more accomplished record of skipping work than any Republican in this state does.

A simple Google search could’ve saved these guys quite a few problems. As this Twitter user said to The Daily Record’s Bryan Sears:

The Maryland Democratic Party’s failure to provide solutions for Marylanders and inability to combat the success of the Hogan Administration has led them to rely on cheap “gotcha” tactics that always seem to highlight the moral and ethical failings of their own party and how they’ve let Maryland down. Its indicative of a failed party with failed ideas that fail to resonate with Maryland’s voters any longer.

What does the Maryland Democratic Party smell like? Desperation and fear.

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