Who’s the Boss(ie)?

Multiple sources within the Republican Party have indicated that David Bossie is considering a run for National Committeeman of the Maryland Republican Party.

Bossie, a Massachusetts native and long-time resident of Montgomery County, is most famous as the Chairman of Citizens United, the plaintiff in the famous Citizens United v. FEC court case that overturned independent expenditure limits.

Bossie’s involvement in the Maryland Republican Party has been limited. He has hosted several fundraisers at his home for federal candidates, but has donated only once to a state candidate; a $100 donation to Bob Ehrlich’s re-election campaign in 2005. Bossie, however, is the keynote speaker at the upcoming Prince George’s County Republican Party Lincoln Dinner in December.

The election for National Committeeman will take place at the Maryland Republican Party Spring Convention on May 14th.  Louis Pope, who has served as National Committeeman since 2002, is expected to run for re-election as well.

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