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15 minutes

RMN Presents # 18 “15 Minutes”

The week the Red Maryland Network looks back a special series not previously highlighted on our RMN Presents retrospective.

“15 Minutes” was the brainchild of Brian Griffiths in which we turned over the Red Maryland Network to guests to say anthing they wanted undedited and uninterrupted for 15 minutes.

One of the most interesting guests we had was the late John Lofton.  Mr. Lofton was, at the time, a leader of the Instituite for the Constituion and took his 15 minutes to discuss “The God and Government Project”.

Years later, in covering the county council race involving Michael Peroutka, Mr. Lofton became a topic of discussion as spokesman for the IOTC.

One of the most fascinating pieces in our Red Maryland Network, it is our “15 Minutes” with John Lofton.


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