Democratic Pastor Jamal Bryant Politicizes Paris Terror Attacks

The Terror attacks in Paris are still unfolding. We don’t even know the extent of what has happened yet. But that hasn’t stopped potential Democratic candidate Pastor Jamal Bryant from trying to politicize it for political gain.

Bryant took to Twitter (screen cap shown above) to equate the terrorist attacks in Paris, the earthquake in Japan, and the challenges that African-American students are facing on U.S. campuses.

Despite the absolutely cold and ridiculous tweet, Bryant is actually a Pastor. Of course, in a video on his website, he says that “everything you know about Church is going to be thrown out the window.”

In addition to being a Pastor, Bryant is a Democratic politician. He announced his intent to run against Elijah Cummings in the 7th Congressional District Democratic Primary, only to drop out barely a week later.

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It seems that Pastor Bryant should lay off the Democratic politics and get reacquainted with his bible. The politicizing of this tragedy is inappropriate for any politician, Democrat or Republican. But it’s even worse for somebody who claims to be preaching the word of God.

Vive la France.

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