Maryland Democrats Hate Representative Government

The dustup over early voting sites in Montgomery County has given rise to a new Democratic idea:

The county board’s recommendation now goes to the state election board, which is scheduled to meet Oct. 15. Republicans hold a 3-2 advantage on that board as well, but state law requires a 4-1 majority to take any action…..

…If the state board doesn’t stop the move, Democratic legislators plan to introduce legislation in the next session of the General Assembly to overturn the action.

Sen. Richard Madaleno, a Montgomery Democrat, said he believes the county’s entire 32-member legislative delegation — all Democrats — would support legislation to increase the number of early voting sites to 11, restoring the ones that were closed.

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Madaleno said he believes such a bill could pass early in the session with enough votes to override a Hogan veto if necessary.

That’s where we are at with the Maryland Democrats. They just cannot accept the will of the people and the laws of this state when it doesn’t suit their petty partisan interests.

While we’ve already talked about one piece of Democratic hypocrisy with this change, Madaleno’s new proposal is one that just reeks of political absolutism. In their effort to demand that the Montgomery County Board of Elections not play political games with early voting sites, legislative Democrats are now threatening to do exactly that and change the rules of the game. And why? To protect early voting sites that are politically precious to Montgomery County Democrats. No more, and no less.

Even more damning is the fact that Madaleno and Montgomery County Democrats believe it is perfectly justifiable to spend even more tax dollars on Maryland’s failed early voting experiment for crass political purposes.

As Montgomery County Election Board Member Alexander Vincent said, “We shouldn’t be deluded into thinking that the nine sites that were picked by the majority Democrat board in 2013 were the most fair, just and equitable solution ever devised by the mind of man,” But Maryland’s Democrats are ready to go to war to defend their politically motivated, inequitable solution.

The gall of these people. Who seem to have never heard of no-fault absentee voting.

This is merely another reminder that the Maryland Democratic Party is uninterested in truly representative government or bipartisan cooperation. They are hellbent on restoring one party rule to Maryland at any cost to our system of government and regardless the consequences to Maryland taxpayers.

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