Laslo Boyd’s Early Voting Strawman

Democratic apparatchik and navel gazer Laslo Boyd decided to play games this week with a column accusing the Republican-majority Montgomery County Board of Elections with playing racial games as in Alabama:

Nothing like the new effort in Alabama to close down DMV offices in most of the state, including where the highest concentrations of minorities live. Those offices, in case you were wondering, are where someone would get an official state-issued photo ID, which you would need if you want to vote in Alabama.

Boyd’s premise, of course, is wrong from jump street, because he fails to point out that every Alabama voter can get a free photo Voter Identification Card at every Voter Registrar Office in every county in Alabama. So Boyd is either uneducated about the issues or is just lying again.

Boyd of course also conveniently forgot that Democrats in the same Montgomery County have been pushing to open up voter registration to 16-year old voters and non-citizen voters as well. Apparently that does not meet Boyd’s threshold for screwing around with election laws.

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What Boyd’s piece does do, however, is regurgitate Democratic talking points about early voting. And that point is the fact that the Democrats are only concerned about early voting locations because early voting locations have been strategically placed in high Democratic turnout areas and have been kept away from high Republican turnout areas.

And as a well-trained Democrat, Boyd of course failed to point out that Maryland has no-fault absentee voting.

The Boyd piece serves us as a reminder of two things:

  1. Democrats view early voting as sacrosanct only because it was designed to help Democrats and punish Republicans; and,
  2. If you have a strawman that must absolutely be burned overnight, call the Democratic lackeys over at Center Maryland presented by KO Public Affairs

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