Don Quinn’s Resignation Letter

In a follow-up to yesterday’s post on his resignation, we’ve obtained a copy of the resignation letter that Don Quinn sent to members of the Anne Arundel Republican Central Committee Chairman Nathan Volke:

A couple of things of note from the letter:

  • Quinn makes a personal attack on Volke for his work as Chairman.
  • Quinn claims that he “entrusted the chairmanship” to Volke. This was never Quinn’s title to entrust. Quinn was solely responsible for calling the first Central Committee meeting under the bylaws as the highest vote-getter among all 13 Central Committee members. The Central Committee itself overwhelmingly elected Volke.
  • He was didn’t care about honoring fellow Republicans in the Committee’s annual awards, stating “I have to confess to being ambivalent to the selections since it is pretty much the same people as always, and brings no value.”
  • He comments that he is “thwarted by a culture that is rooted in past,  past, refuses to look to the horizon, and prefers business as usual.” He then immediately claims that it isn’t an attack on Volke or the committee.
  • Quinn’s vision of society directly conflicts with the party that he signed up to represent, further lending credence to some folks in the party who always thought of Quinn as a liberal snake in the grass.
  • Given that Quinn had access to the Central Committee’s finances, Mailchimp account, and website access, can we be sure that Quinn has not turned over sensitive information to the Democratic Party?

My read of this letter is that Don Quinn is a lazy, insufferable egomaniac who thought he could pull a fast one of voters and infiltrate his liberal views into the Republican Party. A shocking level of political naïveté.

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More information is coming out about Quinn’s tenure on the Central Committee. As we noted last night, there was an effort to remove Quinn from the Anne Arundel Central Committee because he missed over three meetings in a row. Bylaws allow the committee to start the process for removal in such cases. There was a conversation with him last month regarding his commitment to the party. We’ve been able to confirm that Quinn missed the August, September, and October Central Committee meetings and that removal was to be discussed at the November meeting.

More information we’ve obtained on Quinn’s disastrous tenure as a Central Committee member;

  • Quinn was Co-Chairman of this year’s Anne Arundel Lincoln-Reagan Dinner. Quinn did next to no work for the event, showed up late to it, and then left early. He admitted to fellow Central Committee members that he had let the Committee down;
  • Quinn also admitted to fellow Central Committee that his enthusiasm for being on the Committee had been diminished after Ron George’s announcement for State Senate, and that he thinks that members of the Central Committee encouraged George to run because they didn’t support Quinn.
  • Quinn failed to show up for two Central Committee door knocking events in Annapolis, his home district;
  • Quinn was elected Vice-President of the Anne Arundel Young Republicans in August, then failed to participate in any way with the club thereafter.

So as it turns out, Don Quinn is a liberal with an inferiority complex who was lazy, and wanted to blame others for his lack of enthusiasm and success. He’ll fit right in as a member of the modern Maryland Democratic Party.

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