Don Quinn Quits AA Central Committee; Will Bolt to Dems

Multiple sources indicate that Anne Arundel County Republican Central Committee Member Don Quinn has resigned from the Committee.

Sources indicate that Quinn submitted a letter to the committee indicating that he is “really a more progressive thinker who finds himself more aligned with the Democrats lately.”

One source indicated that Quinn intends to re-register as a member of the Democratic Party.

Quinn has been a lightning bolt of controversy since he joined the political scene. There have been questions about his residency, the fact he registered to vote in Maryland the same day he launched his Senate campaign in 2014, his connection a marijuana website, revelations of his tax delinquency, claimed to hold a college degree that he never actually had, gave a bizarre statement blaming is problems on “right-wing bloggers”, and an attack against former Delegate Ron George shortly after George announced his campaign for State Senate. He also, if you recall, attacked Democratic State Senator John Astle from the left during last year’s General Election on guns

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I personally called for Quinn’s resignation from the committee shortly after he took office last year.

Red Maryland is working to obtain a copy of the letter that Quinn sent to the Anne Arundel County Republican Central Committee.

In my opinion, this is a net positive for the Republican Party. Quinn was not somebody who added any value to the party, and frustrated long-time Republicans here in Anne Arundel County because of his loss to Astle, which I wrote at the time was “a frustrating defeat for those of us who have been working for years to defeat Astle because Quinn probably lost solely because he was outed as a fraud and a huckster during  the campaign.”

Fortunately now the Anne Arundel Central Committee will have the opportunity to appoint to this seat somebody who is an actually committed conservative and committed Republican to represent District 30 on the Committee, as opposed to an opportunist who was looking to weasel his way into elected office.

UPDATE: Don Quinn statement on quitting the Republican Party.

Additionally,there was an effort to remove Quinn from the Anne Arundel Centtal Committee because he missed over three meetings in a row. Bylaws allow the committee to start the process for removal in such cases. There was a conversation with him last month regarding his commitment to the party. There was a motion approved to send a letter to him informing him that a vote would be taken at the next meeting to remove him from office. He would have had a chance to make his case to remain on the committee, but instead he obviously took his ball and went home.

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