The Vile Writings of Barry Rascovar

Barry Rascovar today showed the talent, conscience, and political acumen that’s seen him let go from several respected publications.

The reporter turned Maryland Democratic Party bootlicker took the opportunity today to attack  Governor Larry Hogan over his cancer diagnosis. Seriously, this actually happened:

What happened to the friendly, smiling, easy-going Larry Hogan? Mr. Nice Guy has morphed into Mr. Nasty.

Perhaps he’s spent too much time with his pal, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the combative presidential hopeful with the mouth that roars.

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Perhaps his hairless Kojack look, as well as his tough chemotherapy sessions, help explain what’s going on.

Or maybe it’s just a recognition by Maryland’s Republican governor that tough talk and decisive action go over well with his conservative-to-moderate constituents. Excoriating hapless, fumbling Democrats and going it alone make you look like John Wayne riding to the school marm’s rescue.

Whatever the reason, Hogan has taken a turn down a dark alley. It may lead to a promising political future, but from a governing standpoint it could lead to disaster.

Emphasis mine.

Just in case you were under some presumption that Rascovar wasn’t a tool of the Democratic establishment, the Maryland Democratic Party wasted no time in piling on their support of Rascovar’s mocking of the Governor’s illness.

If you somehow got passed Rascovar’s sick and twisted attack on the Governor’s cancer diagnosis, he then moved on to accusing the Governor of being just like crooked and disgraced former Vice-President Spiro Agnew, and even managed to hint that the Governor is as populist and his supporters as racists:

Hogan is playing to his political base: frustrated, angry white men and women — most with limited education — that Spiro Agnew appealed to. If the governor continues along this combative line of attack, he could well become a talked-about contender for the Republican vice presidential nomination, just like Agnew.

We live in an era of presidential campaigning dominated by sound bites, blunt talk, insults and easy answers. Hogan seems to be following that path, too.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Rascovar has slandered the Republican base as racist xenophobes, so it isn’t a surprise that he’s doing it now.

Rascovar’s writings usually wind up sounding like this:

Sadly, people actually keep reading the vile garbage that Rascovar puts into print. We at Red Maryland have done our fair share of exposing Rascovar for what he is, which is an intellectually lazy member of the liberal chattering class who has but a pretense of useful knowledge.

If Rascovar wants to continue to show his lack of dignity and do whatever is asked of him by the Maryland Democratic Party to keep his invites to the liberal establishment cocktail parties coming, he’s free to do so. But maybe, just maybe, he should consider why the last publication he worked for went out of business, and why the Democratic Party whose boot he keeps licking saw its nominee get handily beaten by the same Governor Larry Hogan whose name he takes in vain. And maybe, just maybe, Rascovar should look at himself in a mirror so he can see the face of the kind of sad person who will use a cancer diagnosis as a political attack. If he had any dignity, he should immediately called Larry Hogan and apologize.

Confession wouldn’t hurt either.

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