The Hypocrisy Holiday

We’ve reached that time of the year, the annual week where Comptroller Peter Franchot is absolutely everywhere talking about Maryland’s Tax-Free Shopping Week.
Just in time for back to school shopping, Maryland’s Democrats have graciously allowed us to make “qualifying” purchases of apparel and footware without having to pay the 6% sales tax. Of course, such an exemption is not nearly as simple as it sounds given the fact that the Comptroller’s Office has to put out a three-page paper listing what is and is not an exempt purchase, a three page FAQ on how this all works, and a six page fact sheet trying to explain all of this.

Peter Franchot, on a recent WBAL appearance with C4, said that this is “one of his favorite weeks of the year” because of all of the commerce that the tax holiday brings in, including shoppers from neighboring states, to take advantage of the savings and the benefits.

The Sales Tax Holiday though also highlights the how high our sales tax is. The O’Malley Administration and Maryland’s Democrats insisted on a twenty-percent increase in the sales tax during O’Malley’s second term. The sales tax increase, of course, lowered consumer purchases, and failed to meet projected sales tax revenues.

Imagine how much more commerce Maryland businesses would see if it weren’t for that 6% sales tax?

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Peter Franchot says he loves the sales tax holiday, and loves the increase in commerce. It would behoove all of us if he would take his love of the increased commerce and champion a reduction in the State Sales Tax to 4%. 

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