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Conservative Refuge Radio Tonight at 8pm

An all-new edition of Conservative Refuge Radio tonight at 8pm.

On tonight’s show:

  • Governor Hogan has proposed comprehensive redistricting reform.  Reformers from the left and right applauded the bipartisan effort to end the outrageous gerrymandering in Maryland.  Maryland Democratic leaders, however, have refused to put the common interest above partisan interest.  We’ll discuss.
  • Recent failures of Washington’s mass transit system highlight the need to reform WMATA.  Governor Hogan and others are pushing for better performance and oversight of this regional mass transit authority.  We’ll examine these efforts.
  • We visit the “Nut Ball Box” to share a piece from Wesley J. Smith regarding “plant rights activists”.  Yes, you read that right, plant rights.
  • A special “Get Off My Lawn” about the Trumpbots and one particular “social media expert” who typifies the classlessness of many Trump supporters.

All this, your calls to 760-259-2711, and much, much more tonight at 8pm on Conservative Refuge Radio.

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