Brian Frosh can (but won’t) Do the Right Thing

Maryland Democrats, as we have seen, have had almost no reaction to Planned Parenthood’s exposure. As I have mentioned before, Maryland Democrats should be willing to condemn the organization or not, depending on how much they support the activities that Planned Parenthood has been exposed doing. The only real reaction, so far, to the videos has been from Congressman Elijah Cummings. Cummings though seems more focused on shooting the messenger than he is getting to the bottom of what Planned Parenthood is actually doing.

Many states gave initiated investigations into the activities of Planned Parenthood based on what has been revealed in this investigations. Left-wing media is trumpeting the idea that “no wrongdoing” has been found in these investigations. Mind you, it’s hard to come to that conclusion once infanticide enters the picture, but they’re sticking to their story.

That’s where Brian Frosh comes in.

You see, Brian Frosh is the most left-wing Attorney General that Maryland has ever had. His record on abortion issues can be summed up in one word: extreme. One of many Democrats in this country who believe that it should be legal to abort an unborn child up until the moment that the child is born. And that’s why Brian Frosh has a political opportunity to do the right thing. Frosh, as Attorney General, has the opportunity to take a look at Planned Parenthood’s operations here in Maryland. See what they’re doing. And vindicate them if they aren’t doing anything wrong.

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But he won’t. Because you see, Brian Frosh 100% behind Planned Parenthood.

I will always Stand with Planned Parenthood — I told them that last night, too!

Posted by Brian Frosh on Thursday, May 1, 2014

Brian Frosh is one of many politicians who are attached at the hip politically to Planned Parenthood particularly, and the pro-abortion movement in general. Abortion has become such a sacrament to the Democratic Party and to the left-wing in this country that even the appearance of questioning Planned Parenthood publicly would be politically dubious for Frosh and likely generate a primary challenge to him in 2018. But it also leads us to wonder what Brian Frosh knows about Planned Parenthood’s operations here in Maryland, and is there some reason why ordering an investigation of Planned Parenthood is more politically troublesome than not.

Does Brian Frosh know that Planned Parenthood has something to hide?

Brian Frosh has the opportunity to show us what he’s made of right here. This is his moment. Is he somebody who is going to investigate and follow the law, no matter where it takes him? After all, he himself said he’d “fight like hell for justice”.

Or is Frosh content to be a liberal pawn, a subsidiary of leftist interests like Planned Parenthood. Is he the same guy who played games with Jessica’s Law?

I think it’s the latter. Prove me wrong, Mr. Attorney General.

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