Why It Matters

Chris Christie is not going to be the Republican nominee for President. Chris Christie is not going to win the Maryland Presidential Primary. Chris Christie likely is not going to get a lot of support from active Republicans here in Maryland, whether they identify as “establishment” or “grasssroots” Republicans.

But Governor Larry Hogan’s endorsement of Chris Christie matters for one very good reason. Loyalty.

Larry Hogan and the folks at Change Maryland had put the campaign in the perfect position to win around September of last year. While they knew it, Republicans knew it, we at Red Maryland knew it, many mainstream voters and certainly not the mainstream media didn’t believe that a Republican had a chance in Maryland in 2014 in a deep blue state such as Maryland. It would take something of consequence to change that perception among undecided donors, supporters, and potential volunteers.

That something was Chris Christie. As Chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association, he came to Maryland on more than one occasion to support the Hogan Campaign. He opened up the support of the RGA, in the form of resources and independent expenditures that helped the Hogan campaign stay competitive with Anthony Brown. And ultimately, it helped bring about a Hogan victory last November.

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Fast forward to this spring. Chris Christie decides to run for President. Now the roles are reversed, with Governor Hogan a fellow chief executive, and Christie in the role of the candidate. It would be natural for somebody like Governor Hogan to support somebody who was there to support him.

It’s easy to be cynical in politics because loyalty is something that seems to be out of vogue. We all know people in politics who have turned their backs on other people for any number of reasons: opportunity, vendetta, cash, jealousy, what have you. We’ve all experience it, even those of us here at Red Maryland. And that’s what makes it so refreshing to see Governor Hogan endorse Christie without any hesitation or reservations whatsoever. One guy returning the favor for another guy.

Like I said, Chris Christie won’t be President. He won’t be endorsed by a lot Republicans in Maryland, and won’t be endorsed by Red Maryland. But it’s good to have a leader like the Governor who understands what loyalty is.

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