Aren’t Maryland Dems going to defend Planned Parenthood?

The Planned Parenthood Scandal continues to get worse, and worse and worse. It’s bad enough that the people at Planned Parenthood are engaging in abortions, a heinous, immoral activity that deprives a human being of their life. But Planned Parenthood has decided to compound that by engaging in the business of trafficking in human body parts in order to make a profit for themselves.

Planned Parenthood, of course, denies that any of this is taking place. They claim that the footage is doctored, despite the fact that the undercover investigators have release full unedited videos of their footage. They’ve hired a crisis communications team (who is out trying to get the media to suppress coverage of the scandal), and they have shills like Senator Minority Leader Harry Reid out spinning for them.

There is, of course, a ton of information about these activities out on the web:

Surprisingly, not all Democrats are defending the videos. Some have even called for action. Hillary Clinton, of all people, called the videos of Planned Parenthood “disturbing” and have called for a Congressional inquiry into not just Planned Parenthood, but all abortion providers.

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The question that we have to ask locally is this: Do Maryland Democrats support Planned Parenthood in their selling of body parts of aborted children? Will Maryland Democrats stand up against to Planned Parenthood’s barbaric, heinous, and immoral actions?

Realistically, we know the answer to this question. Remember that back in April Democratic National Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schulz came it in favor of unrestricted abortion. I asked Maryland Democrats at the time if they supported her in this horrific claim. Ever the font of bravery, no Maryland Democrats would take a position for or against Wasserman-Schulz claim’s.

Unless the Maryland Democrats want to go all in defending stuff like this:

It’s time we find out if Maryland Democrats will stand for moral depravity, or if their moral compass will finally lead them to condemn depraved behavior.

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