YRNF Site Selection Committee Visits Annapolis

The Site Selection Committee of the Young Republican National Federation visited Annapolis this weekend to learn about the city and its potential bid for the 2017 Young Republican National Convention.

The visit was organized by Maryland Republican Party Executive Director Joe Cluster, who is co-chairing the Annapolis 2017 bid committee. The Chairman of that committee is a fellow Young Republican, Annapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides.

I also had the opportunity to join the committee for breakfast at Chick and Ruth’s on Saturday morning.

Brian Griffiths (front left) and Joe Cluster (back left) at the Governor’s Office at Chick and Ruth’s with the YRNF Site Selection Committee

Much thanks to Governor Larry Hogan for allowing us to borrow his booth for an hour.  It was great to have the opportunity to see my YR friends from around the country and to discuss how unique of an opportunity it would be to have the YR Convention in Annapolis.

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The genesis of the Annapolis bid lies with Jason Rheinstein. Jason was representing Maryland at the Spring YRNF Board Meeting in Salt Lake City when he approached national Chairman Jason Weingartner about the possibility of Annapolis bid. He immediately reached out to myself, Cluster, and Pantelides in an effort to gauge interest in this bid. I admit, that I was immediately skeptical of the idea that Annapolis should bid for the convention. I have seen too many YR events put a stress on local parties and local YR organization. However, given the strong proposal that Cluster and Rheinstein have put together, they sold me on the benefits of this convention:

  • It will be a tremendous way to highlight our state capital;
  • It will highlight the successes of Governor Hogan and Mayor Pantelides (both of who are Republicans who won in majority Democratic jurisdictions);
  • It can create enthusiasm for the lead-up to the 2017 Annapolis Mayoral Election  and the 2017 state elections; and,
  • It provides an opportunity to create opportunities for Maryland Young Republicans across the state.

The Site Selection committee enjoyed their time here, and I hope we can look forward to a major, nationwide Republican event in Annapolis in July of 2017. It will be a boon to our party, and a boon to conservatism here in our state.

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