We’ll Bring Our Walking Shoes, Too, Mr. Quinn

During the 2014 Maryland Gubernatorial Primary, then Delegate Ron George, of Anne Arundel County, showed up at the Prince George’s County Republican Party’s Summer BBQ in Bowie.  He took the time to introduce himself to attendees, ate some food, and even spoke at length about what he would do if elected Governor.


I admired Ron’s straight talk and his dedication to conservatism.  I could tell that everyone was grateful that he attended the event.


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Since that day, I have held great respect for Ron George.  I was beyond grateful when he endorsed my successful 2014 candidacy for one of the District 23 seats on the Prince George’s County Republican Central Committee.


Though Ron did not win the gubernatorial nomination, he, along with the other primary candidates, joined Larry Hogan at the Maryland Republican Party Unity event soon after the primary election.


So when I found out recently that Ron decided to run for the District 30 State Senate seat, I was thrilled at the prospect of him returning to the State House.  With Larry Hogan doing an excellent job as Governor, having Ron work hard for conservatism in the Senate Chamber would be a great addition.


However, Ron and District 30’s current State Senator, Democrat John Astle, are apparently not the only ones with their eyes on the Senate Seat.


Don Quinn, a current member of the Anne Arundel County Republican Central Committee and a 2014 candidate for the District 30 State Senate seat (and a possible 2018 repeat candidate), didn’t hold back on his skepticism of Ron George’s candidacy, posting on social media more than once that he hopes “Ron has a good pair of walking shoes.”


For another recent instance of Mr. Quinn’s “walking shoes” jab towards Ron, read Brian Griffiths’ recent article.


I understand how politics work; I know that at some point, contending candidates for a nomination end up pointing to disagreements, differences, and other things.  Sometimes campaigns can become quite nasty, and occasionally we get surprised when a campaign stays civil.


While I wouldn’t necessarily describe Don Quinn’s repeated jab at Ron George to bring his walking shoes as “nasty”, it is still disappointing.


The good thing, Mr. Quinn, is that all of us who support Ron also have walking shoes, and you better believe that we’ll strap them on and go to every door in District 30.


 Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article belong to the author. He is not speaking for, or in behalf of, the Prince George’s County Republican Central Committee.

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