Ron George Gets the Jump on 2018

Former Delegate Ron George ended the rampant speculation today by announcing his plans for 2018:

Ron George, the former state delegate who ran for governor last year, plans to announce a bid for state Senate.

The Annapolis jeweler said in a statement released Monday will run for senate in District 30, the seat currently held by Sen. John Astle, D-Annapolis.

George is a longtime Arnold resident whose home shifted to District 33 in the 2010 redistricting. Monday, he said he is selling his home and plans to move back into the District. He said he was approached by former constituents and elected officials who urged him to run. 

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“I intend to build on my record of strong constituent service, fiscal responsibility, and constructive solutions to the problems of the district and state. I look forward to bringing fiscal conservative-solution oriented government to the State Senate,” he said in a prepared statement.”

This is a tremendous news for fiscally conservative Republicans around the state. Ron George is a strong and formidable candidate who is going to have over three years to raise money and make the case that a change is needed in District 30.

The incumbent, Democrat John Astle is a long time Democrat who has skated by in recent years thanks to his untimely ability to vote against key Democratic issues on the final vote, but ensure that those same issues pass by siding with the Democrats on procedural votes.

Ron George’s announcement gives Republicans a very good chance of taking the seat back in 2018. Astle is vulnerable in the new 30th District. He skated by in 2014 by less than 1200 votes. And this is despite the fact that the Republican candidate, Don Quinn, found creative ways to disgrace himself and discredit his own candidacy during the lead-up to the general election. Ron George gives us a credible, competent, and dependable candidate poised to beat Astle (or whatever Democrat the machine picks to run) in 2018,

George is making a public announcement outside of his Jewelry Store on Main Street in Annapolis at 1 PM on Tuesday.

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