Donald Trump is Exactly What People Say They Want

Most people are familiar with the 1998 movie “Bulworth.” It’s a movie where Warren Beatty, playing a liberal Democratic Senator, begins talking in left-wing political fantasies and saying whatever is on his mind instead of the politically correct pablum that he and most politicians are used to saying. In the movie, Bulworth becomes extremely popular by saying whatever is on his mind. And occasionally, political talking heads ask if this politician or that politician is having a “Bulworth moment.”

That brings us to Donald Trump.

If you didn’t watch Trump’s Presidential announcement today, you missed quite a treat. It has to rank as one of the oddest entries into a Presidential contest that we have ever seen, part Presidential announcement, part Wrestlemania pre-show, and all Trump. His campaign issued prepared remarks, which he promptly ignored to go on a verbal safari that included talk about building a wall that Mexico will pay for, the fact that “the US has never beaten Japan in anything”, his negotiating skills, and the fact that he is filthy rich among other things.

Seriously, watch the speech. If anybody who wasn’t worth $9 billion said some of the stuff that he said today, they’d be speaking to an empty rubber room.

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Trump has practically no chance of being the Republican nominee, much less being President. When 57 percent of your party has a negative view of you, it’s pretty hard to put together a coalition to win a major party nomination. And that’s the oddest party about Trump’s candidacy.

Donald Trump is loud, bombastic, and says pretty much whatever on his mind. Trump does not filter his thoughts or his words through a political lens. He usually seems to say the first thing that pops into his head, consequences or logical consistency be damned. Trump is the unpolitcian. And that’s exactly the kind of candidate that Americans say that they want to see. Americans say that they want somebody who has business experience. They say that they want somebody who is not a politician. They say that want somebody who says what they mean and doesn’t worry about the political calculations of what they say.

So for those people who want that, we present to your Donald Trump. Who takes unpolitician to its radical extreme. And he is polling worse than any politician in the race, as well as fellow non-politician Carly Fiorina.

As I said, Trump won’t be the Republican nominee. And if he is and the party nominates a candidate who at times has been a proponent of abortion, more gun control, higher taxes, and a Canadian-style single-payer health care system and a huge donor to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, it would be a disaster of epic proportions. But it may very well end the speculation in the chattering classes that “Going Bulworth” is a winning political strategy.

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