Anne Arundel Central Committee Member Attacks Ron George

It didn’t take long for former Delegate Ron George to draw fire after he announced that he was going to run for the State Senate in District 30.

Anne Arundel County Republican Central Committee Member Don Quinn attacked Delegate George on Facebook with the above posting. The posting reads:

“4 years after re-districted to D33, 1 year after loosing [sic] the primary to Larry Hogan and 3 months after saying he was “too focused on family” to apply for the vacant D33 Delegate spot- Ron George is selling his house and moving into D30 to challenge Senator John Astle. All I can say is, I hope you have some walking shoes Ron.”

It’s particularly odd for a new Central Committee member like Don Quinn to attack an established and respected community businessman and former elected official like Ron George. Quinn’s job is to promote Republican candidates in his district, particularly successful former candidates who may want to work hard for three years to take out a long-time incumbent Democrat.

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Instead, Don Quinn throws a temper tantrum like the naive, inexperienced newcomer that he’s shown himself to be time and time again.

The idea of Quinn attacking George is even more absurd when you look at Quinn’s extensive political rap sheet that he has accumulated in his short time living in Maryland, as we have chronicled before;

And remember: Quinn probably lost solely because he was outed as a fraud and a huckster during the campaign.

If Quinn wants to lose a State Senate primary to Ron George, that’s his prerogative. He has no political base of operations and has (amazingly) done more to hurt his credibility in the months after the election than he did prior to it. But Republicans in Anne Arundel County need to have Central Committee members who are focused on their job and not focused on cheap shots at respected Republicans who have actually accomplished something. If Quinn wants to amp up to lose a primary to Ron George, he should have the common decency to resign so the Central Committee can replace him with somebody who actually wants the job he was elected to.

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