Still Rogue

Remember the rogue Central Committee members out in Carroll County who were using left-wing tactics to try to defy the will of Carroll County voters? They’re still at it, causing dissent in the ranks and costing the Maryland Republican Party real dollars.

As you know, the Court of Appeals rejected the rogue Central Committee members lawsuit, essentially agreeing with my argument that the duly elected Central Committee of Carroll County acted within its authority and within the scope of the Constitution. Not willing to let that go, these three rogue members decided to try and submit a resolution from the floor of last months’ Maryland Republican Party convention to censure Maryland GOP 2nd Vice-Chairman Larry Helminiak for his role in the process.

The resolution, of course, had absolutely no chance of passing, and it hadn’t even been sent to the Resolutions Committee for consideration, having not been introduced in time. The idea was to force a floor fight on the issue, which the convention wasn’t having any of.

The big bone of contention is the fact that these rogue Central Committee members, in using their left-wing tactics to try to get the courts to see the Constitution their way, cost the Maryland Republican Party $37,000 in legal fees with the courts to come to a conclusion that was patently obvious from jump street.

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It got last in last week’s news, but one of the rogue conservatives  took to the internet in an effort to defend their left-wing tactics to subvert the will of Carroll County voters. And after some thinly-veiled attacks at Millennial Maryland, she had this to say about their efforts to pass the resolution:

In fact, Waterman had arranged a quick maneuver to have the Resolutions Report given and then a motion to adjourn before any of those resolutions could be brought from the floor. They didn’t want to to discuss any resolutions, but additionally they wanted to protect the MDGOP 2nd Vice Chair and Carroll County’s Vice Chair, Larry Helminiak. There was a waiting floor resolution to sanction him for his part in giving away the Central Committees’ authorities to Governor Hogan and spending $37,000 of donations defending those actions. The Party elite did a masterful job of shutting down all discussion and debate and now the issues will continue to simmer under the surface.

Waterman pulled one last stunt for the day at the convention. Immediately upon adjourning, she broke into a lengthy prepared speech from the podium and gave her account of what had caused her to spend $37,000 of Party money on legal fees. This was the Party’s last ditch effort to skew perceptions and demonize those of us who sought to hold both the Governor and the Party to the language of the Constitution and principled behavior. She did something similar during the Executive Committee meeting for all the Committee Chairs. Nothing like using one’s power to project a set of talking points out of the reach of rebuttal. My understanding is that Larry Helminiak also visited various central committee meetings in other counties to do the same.

What Fuller doesn’t realize is the fact that nobody needed “talking points” to “skew perceptions” about what happened. Everybody both inside and outside the Republican Party apparatus, knew three basic things:

  • The Central Committee had acted properly and constitutionally to send three names to Governor Hogan to fill Senator Getty’s seat;
  • The actions of the rogue Central Committee members in knowingly pursuing frivolous legal action cost the State Party $37,000; and
  • The use of left-wing tactics in trying to use the courts to overturn the will of the people showed what the true intentions of these members were.

While Fuller can wrap her actions in a conservative flag, what she and her accomplices did was act in a particularly left-wing fashion; try to steal through the courts what couldn’t be done legally otherwise. If she and her accomplices had any honor about them, they would raise the $37,000 needed to replace the money that they needlessly forced the state party to spend and drop the charade that this was about principle and admit that it was a naked, yet ultimately doomed, grab for power.

Try as they might, these “conservatives” won’t be able to shake their embrace of left-wing tactics for attempted personal gain. It’s shameful and has no place in a conservative party.

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