Susan Reimer’s Nothingburger

I’m occasionally amazed at the things that get published in the paper.

Susan Reimer wrote a column with the title “On Birth Control, Young Republicans get it.” The basic premise of the article is that young Republicans, particularly young Republican women, are more likely to “support” birth control than older Republican men.

Here’s how she starts the piece:

“Two-thirds of young Republicans believe that every woman should have access to affordable birth control, 65 percent believe that insurance companies should cover contraception without co-pays and 51 percent believe that the federal government should continue to fund contraceptive services for low-income women.

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Not exactly what you’re hearing from Republican grown-ups. Especially some of those running for office.”

Of course Reimer provides absolutely no evidence that “Republican grown-ups” believe in the government restriction of birth control, and most birth control arguments from Republicans have to deal with two things: abortion funding and the protection of the religious rights for those companies providing health insurance coverage, such as the Hobby Lobby case (which even then was only about certain types of birth control, not birth control writ large).

Reimer’s entire piece is predicated on the lie created by Democrats and perpetuated by media types that Republicans want to ban birth control. It’s a lie. It’s not accurate. Nobody is saying it. Period. While the majority of Republicans, young and old, remain united that the sanctity of life must be protected by banning abortion, there is no consensus that birth control should be eliminated. Even faithful Catholics like me, who believe that artificial birth control methods are a sin, are not saying that birth control should be made illegal.

Sure, artificial contraception may provide an increased risk of cervical cancer, liver cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer. Sure, we don’t know its impact on our bodies due to water pollution from birth control residues. But still, not mainstream politicians are calling for it to be banned.

What’s not surprising is that Reimer decides to protect birth control without discussing the real radicals among us when it comes to child rearing, particularly when it comes to abortion radicalism. Why won’t she take on Democrats who oppose fetal homicide laws? What about Debbie Wasserman Schulz’s contention that babies can be aborted right until the moment of birth? Is she going to ask Democrats, particularly Maryland Democrats, about that or will she remain part of the cone of silence?

Of course she won’t.

Susan Reimer’s column is a nothingburger that accomplishes little more than enforcing a stereotype by liberals and for liberals that never existed. Plain and simple.

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