Maryland Democrats Can’t Spell, Tell Truth

The intern running the Maryland Democratic Party Twitter account is having a pretty bad week.

After engaging in the Cone of Silence, the online representative of the party in disarray decided that they would try to have some fun at Governor Hogan’s expense.

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Obviously, common core has failed this intern or else he or she would know that it’s spelled V-U-L-N-E-R-A-B-L-E.

But more amusing about this picture (taken from a story from Tuesday), is the fact that the Governor’s staff is an integral part of that picture. Take a look again at this annotated photo.


I’m reasonably certain that the Budget Secretary, the Governor’s Legislative Director, and other Executive Branch employees are not among the “Legislators Hard at Work.” Though of course this is a three-day old picture so who knows what legislators were actually up to during their six-hour recess yesterday between sessions.

If the Maryland Democrats are going to attack Governor Hogan’s policies, that’s fine. Politics ‘aint beanbag. For for crying out loud kids, please just try to be competent and honest about it.

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