Maryland Democrats are in Disarray

Maryland Democrats are starting to prove time and time again that their party is in complete disarray right now.

The fissures have been there for all to say for quite a while now. Every time that the Democrats were pretending to play nice in Annapolis with the Hogan Administration, some party apparatchik would shoot off at the hip about working with the Administration. Sure, there was an occasional hiccup where Democrats true feelings would come out (such as the State of the State Address), but for the most part Democrats publicly pretended to be bipartisan.

Those fissures have become more an more obvious, and more and more public.

First came the retirement of Barbara Mikulski, setting off a chain reaction that has at least two incumbent Congressmen running head on toward a primary, with more possibly in town. That of course sets up additional bruising primaries down the line.

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Then came the resignation of Democratic Party Chairman Yvette Lewis, bailing out after her mind-boggling re-election despite the biggest defeat in Democratic history.

Then came State Senator Richard Madaleno’s mind-boggling, personal insult towards the first family.

On Tuesday, the personal attacks against the Governor went underground, as “unnamed Democrats” accused Governor Hogan of  being”impatient, uncompromising and at times confused about the legislative process” when it came to budget negotiations.

Yesterday, the rift became even more apparent. Sure, the Baltimore Sun would like you to believe that the rift is only between Governor Hogan and legislative Democrats, but some great video footage by The Daily Record’s Bryan Sears show that the Democrats can’t even agree on what plays they’re running. In public, no less.

Raw video: Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. addresses questions about the state budget and ongoing negotiations between the House, Senate and Gov. Larry Hogan.

Posted by Bryan P. Sears on Thursday, April 9, 2015

Speaker Michael Busch comes to the State House press room to discuss the state budget and Gov. Larry Hogan's third supplemental budget. This is the second visit from Busch in about three hours.

Posted by Bryan P. Sears on Thursday, April 9, 2015

It has become very clear that the Speaker and the Senate President are not on the same page anymore.

Meanwhile, this is what passes for leadership from the Maryland Democratic Party media operation right now:

It has become apparent that the Maryland Democratic Party is in total disarray right now. There is no leader in the party to whip everybody into shape. There are dozens of different Democrats, each looking out for their career or their next promotion, instead of working together on a unified agenda. And all of this is possible due to the election of Governor Hogan. The Democrats just do not know how to operate when they don’t control all the levers of power, and they certainly don’t know how to do so when there is a strong leader who is more interested in doing what the majority of Marylanders sent him to do as opposed to folding like a cheap suit just to get the job done.

It’s a brave new world that the Maryland Democrats are living in right now. And it’s fun to watch them come apart at the seams.

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