Democrats, Media Enter the Cone of Silence

On Wednesday I asked a very simple question of Maryland’s Democrats. Do you support DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s view that abortions should be unrestricted? At least I thought it was a simple question. So we asked it on Twitter. We asked it of the Maryland Democratic Party and we asked it of Maryland Democratic members of the House of Delegates and State Senate.

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For the most part, we got silence. There was one Delegate. ONE Delegate who engaged.

We also got one staff member, who instead of answering the question on behalf of her boss, punted.

The funny thing is, that her comment was exactly our point. Republicans are asked to repudiate on every little asinine thing that fellow Republicans at the State or local level do. Ironically, the 18-year old intern that runs the Maryland Democratic Party twitter feed today tried to stir up something similar despite the fact that the question was already dealt with nearly a year ago.

The reason that of course we make this point is the fact that Democrats demand answers from Republicans on every Republican misstep, no matter how many. And of course, the mainstream media is particularly complicit in this. Which is why it raised some eyebrowns when our former Baltimore Sun colleague Erin Cox decide to report on Governor Hogan’s baseball game attendance than to ask the Democrats their opinion on this issue.

Which obviously struck a nerve with Ms. Cox, who obviously wasn’t enthusiastic about being questioned.

The point of all of this is to point out that the Democrats and the mainstream media collude to create a cone of silence around any issues which may be embarrassing to Democrats. Of course Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s comments on abortion are embarrassing to them, because it goes to show how radical mainstream Democratic thought is on abortion, supporting the right to abort a child virtually up until the second the child is born. The fact that the Democrats refuse to answer these questions, and the fact that the mainstream media won’t ask them about it, shows the level of collusion and intent that goes into attempting to embarrass any Republican candidate or official. Because if you remember last year, every Republican candidate in Maryland was asked about Michael Peroutka, regardless of whether or not it had anything to do with their race. Larry Hogan last year was asked questions on all matter of irrelevant issues, and reporters focused on issues that were completely unrelated to the actual campaign. Remember Jenna Johnson’s asinine column about animal photos? I do.

Democrats can choose to answer these question or not answer these questions. Reporters can choose to ask this question or not choose to ask this question. But their continued efforts to get Republicans to answer for every national Republican foible while refusing to ask or answer for any Democratic foibles says a lot about their agenda, their integrity. And furthermore, it shows the desire of many mainstream media members to continue to put their thumb on scale in their effort to be obsequiously servile to the Democratic Party.

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