Waste of the Week: Warner Manor

This week we’ll travel to Montgomery County to discuss $400,000 in new state debt proposed by a collection of Senators and Delegates from Montgomery County. The Delegates include Delegates Waldstreicher (D), Carr (D), and Gutierrez (D). Our Senators include Madaleno (D), Feldman (D), King (D), Lee (D), Manno (D), and Raskin (D). They proposed HB0080/SB0239 which asked for nearly half a million dollars for the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission to do repairs at Warner Manor.

Warner Manor is a historic site which is currently owned by the County’s Parks Department. Warner Manor is the former home of Brainard H. Warner, who is the founder of Kensington in Montgomery County. They’re trying to repair and rebuild the building, removing some old retrofits in the building. This is a repeat bill. They requested $400,000 last year too. That’s not the only historic bond funding. In fact, they’ve received $1,595,000 in debt loans in the past 15 years. In addition to the bond loans, which need to be paid back, they have received $5,750,000 in other government grants from various government agencies. That’s quite a bit of our money being spent on retrofitting and repairing an old building.

I love history. I love it more than the average person. But, do we need to create $1.5 million in new debt to repair this building? Is there a huge community outcry to check into the history of the building. And, if there is, why couldn’t they raise the funds to repair it from private investments. When we have an active structural deficit, should we be focusing on pet projects our legislators are proposing in order to shore up votes in local communities?

It’s legal bribery. That’s what bond legislation is. It’s a means of legislators to bribe locals to support them by giving them something they want with your money. It’s wrong and this loan business needs to end. As usual, I call on our conservative members of the legislature to refrain from proposing or voting in favor of any bond legislation.

For that set of reasons and the ridiculous amount of debt our state continues to carry, HB0080/SB0239 is this week’s “Waste of the Week.”

Congratulations to Delegates Waldstreicher, Carr, and Gutierrez and Senators Madaleno, Feldman, King, Lee, Manno, and Raskin for putting the state further in debt to gain votes in Montgomery County!

Feel free to submit your suggestions in the comments section of wasteful spending in Maryland.

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