Waste of the Week: Culler Lake Stormwater Management Project

This week we move over to Frederick County to check out new proposed state debt by Delegates Carol Krimm (D) and Karen Young (D) and Senator Joan Conway (D). They proposed a quarter million in new debt for a stormwater project at Culler Lake.

Culler Lake is inside of Baker Park in Frederick County. The Friends of Baker Park are looking for the quarter million to do some repairs along Culler Lake. They have an incredibly detailed project to repair the lake’s stormwater structure, embankments, and water quality which you can review here. It’s impressive in it’s scale and very detailed. They’re a good 4 years into the plan and, for reference have already received a quarter million dollars from the state in loans. Let me repeat that – the state of Maryland already went into a quarter million in new debt for this project, now they want more.

Repairing the lake sounds like a lovely project. But do we need to be creating a total of half a million in new debt in order to repair it? No, of course not. It’s irresponsible when we do not have the state debt under control to be creating new debt in order for local legislators to buy votes in local municipalities. We know the City of Frederick, where this is housed is participating in this project. They own the park – they should pay for the repairs. If they cannot do so? Fundraise or budget for future repairs. If the Delegates and Senator want to help – they too can donate instead of mortgaging our children’s future to create new debt and buy votes in Frederick.

As I do weekly, I call upon the members of the state legislature to stop with the bond bills. Stop trying to buy local votes and creating new state debt!

For the aforementioned set of reasons and the ridiculous amount of debt our state continues to carry, HB0289/SB0785 is this week’s “Waste of the Week.”

Congratulations to Senator Conway and Delegates Krimm and Young for putting the state further in debt to gain votes in Frederick County!

Feel free to submit your suggestions in the comments section of wasteful spending in Maryland.

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